Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Harrison Turns Two!

Considering that my last blog post announced the exciting news that we were having a baby boy, and the fact that I now have that baby boy... I thought it might be time to update the blog. However, since I'm trying to keep this in chronological order I have two post to write before I can introduce our new beautiful son... Parker Alan Edwards. Ok... fine, here is one quick picture - I couldn't resist! I mean, who can resist that face!

Now onto Harrison's second birthday party. Considering the fact that I would be 37 weeks pregnant at Harrison's party, I decided to keep it low key and simple. Well... my friend at work apparently described me best when she said, "You can't do simple." This party definitely proved her right, but how often does my baby turn TWO?!?!

Harrison got a LEGO table at Christmas and has become quite the little builder since then. So I decided to throw him a LEGO themed party. It started by me collecting empty tissue boxes from all the teachers at work for months. These tissue boxes lovingly were wrapped by my mother and turned into Lego's.

Harrison takes after Mommy and has a huge sweet tooth, so of course we had to have a dessert table.

Complete with Lego cupcakes - Thanks Aunt Penny for our cupcake wrappers.

White chocolate popcorn in Lego bags

Mini Jello Jars

And of course... a LEGO cake!

For lunch we had yummy burgers and hot dogs cooked by Daddy

and "LEGOmade" to drink.

Some other party details included...

The utensil table

A balloon lined walk-way. This picture isn't good since the wind was blowing. I planned on getting pictures after the party, but by the time the party ended it was raining. You can imagine my disappointment.

LEGO favor bags filled with mini-chocolate LEGO bars.

And Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You book served as our guest book.

"H" centerpieces on the mantle complete with LEGO frames

Lots, and lots, of LEGOs for the kiddies to play with!

And of course, what LEGO party would be complete without a monkey to help celebrate

and LEGOs in the soap.

Now onto the fun stuff... presents, cake, friends, and family!!

During our first attempt to sing Happy Birthday to Harrison he got a little overwhelmed, so he settled with a cupcake.

We then opened presents

and took some family and friends pictures.

Harrison with Mommy (baby Parker) and Daddy.

The Kershner family

The Underberg/Kraus family

Mommy with her pregnant friends. Just think at next year's party we will have two new friends and a little brother to join in all the fun!

We couldn't leave Amber out so we took a bellies and beer photo.

Once most guest had gone home, we decided to try singing "Happy Birthday" to Harrison one more time. This time the cake was a BIG HIT!

Who needs a fork when you can use your fingers?!?!

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